Planning Work Experience 

  • Placements can be sourced by anyone at School, but placement visits must be carried out by the Job Coach.

  • Students to complete an online form and submit to the job coach to state their interest in a work placement. This can be done for and on behalf of students who are unable to complete this form themselves.

  • Once a request has been made the job coach will liaise with the tutor to find a suitable placement and ensure the vocational profiling tool has been completed.

  • Placements are all recorded in a directory and established placements will be considered before finding new placements.

  • Placement to be contacted by the job coach to check suitability.

  • Job coach will check that the placement has public liability insurance.

  • The Job coach will carry out a risk assessment on the placement. If suitable the placement can go ahead, if not the process would start again.

  • Students and parents both must sign the permission slip for work experience.

  • The tutor and the Job Coach will liaise to discuss an appropriate time for the placement to go ahead. No placements will take place to detriment of Maths and English lessons.

  • The Job Coach or a TA  will accompany the student on transition visits. This may be short or extended period depending on the needs of the student.

  • The Job Coach and tutor will work together to ensure appropriate work targets are put in place and reviewed regularly. The time for a review will depend on whether the placement is blocked or extended.

  • At any time the Job Coach, employer or tutor can choose to remove a student from a placement. If a student wishes to leave their placement this must be discussed with their tutor and a notice period will be agreed upon.

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