Interview Support

Common Interview Questions:

You could be asked these questions.

1. Can you tell me about yourself?

2. Why should we employ you?

3. What is your greatest strength?

4. Tell me about your strengths?

5. Why do you want this to be your first job?

6. Are you a good team player, give me some examples?

7. Can you work to a deadline, how do you feel about it?

8. Are you calm under pressure?

9. How would you deal with a difficult scenario? E.g. for example being asked to do something your not qualified to do?

10. What are your future goals?

Research the job:

1. Where is this company located?

2. How many staff is there?

3. What does it do?

4. History?

5. Working Conditions? In or out?

6. Hazards?

7. Training opportunities?

8. Career Structure?

Questions to ask at the interview:


1. Could you tell me about the working day and any shift patterns?

2. Is  there a uniform, if so is it provided?

3. Who do I contact for help?

4.  In the section I work in, who do i report to?

5.Where do you think the company will be in 5 years time?

Appearance & punctuality:

1. What shall I Wear? Appropriate clothing to the job applied for. a suit for an office job and a buttoned up polo shirt for a garage.


2. Make sure you are clean, tidy and presentable. for example: brush your teeth, comb your hair etc.


3. Out of respect , cover up tattoos  or additional piercings if possible until  you know the company's policy.

4. Punctuality=good time-keeping.

5. Plan in advance- prepare for all eventualities . For example traffic, getting lost etc.

6. Give yourself enough time.

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