Supporting our students

At Fosse Way some students may need help due to their difficulties, but this doesn’t mean they are less competent at the work place. Fosse Way encourage our students to do work experience 

at least twice in their time at our school.

We also do work experience in year 10 and  11 but it is more emphasized in Post 16. 

We do work experience all throughout the year giving students a taste of the world of work. 

A few ways you can support our students is to give simple instructions and if needed a 

break or a timeout.  

One key factor of working with our students is to support their Independence.  

Our students also receive 1-1 coaching sessions on a weekly basis which enables them to raise any issues and get support for targets. This support provides students with a chance to raise any concerns and liaise  with their coach who can then pass any issues on the job coach.


We also teach our students independent living skills so that in the future  they can live and take care of themselves. 

For any inquires about training opportunities please contact Fiona Moody:

Supporting a person with Autism in the workplace

Area of difficulty 


Transitions and change


Managing expectations


Lack of structure


Stressful situations

Sensory distractions


Understanding you

How to help:


Prepare your employee for any upcoming changes as early as you can. It can be useful to write down any changes too. 

Clearly explain/ write down your expectations, people with autism cannot read your mind!


Try and provide structure when possible in the form of a schedule of work. Met regularly to ensure they are followed.

Provide a work mentor for an employee to talk to. Give them extra time to deal with stressful situations.



Get to know your colleague- do they have any sensory sensitivities? Can you seat them away

from these.



People with autism struggle with social cues and interaction. Don't expect them to read your body.   


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