Work Experience  

We have a job coach called Mark Hobbs-Shoulder who caters to the needs of all our students

at our school. If you have any questions please email:

As a potential employer of our post 16 students, you can expect the following skills to be developed during their work experience.

  • Working hard                                                

  • Good listening  

  • Communication skills  

  • Team work    

  • Following instructions  

  • Multi tasking  

  • Punctuality

  • Independence 

  • Resilience  

The best bit for you employers is that not only do you get a hard working student you don’t have to pay. You increase your business reputation and assist a young person into the world of work. Which is usually a very difficult task. It opens further opportunities for other schools and also helps your workers as it means there are more people to help out around the business whether its stock taking, shelf stocking, warehouse work, or simply helping out customers you’ll find that our students are pretty good when comes to most things.


In the grand scheme of things, you're providing and helping students develop skills in the workplace. It will also provide the chance to see potential future employees. 

Offering work experience gives your business more of a community link, as a result of this it can improve your company profile. 


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