CV Guidance

What is a CV?


A CV is a written overview of all your achievements 

and career goals.

Key information should always be included like: 

  • Qualifications and Exam results.

  •  Hobbies and Interests.

  • Personal details.

  • Your skills.

  • Education. 

  • Work experience.

In Latin CV means Curriculum Vitae, or resume. 

How to write a CV?

If your seeking help for creating a CV for a job position, you come to the right place.

Many people forget to include their full name, email address or even their phone number.

Always add in your achievements and share your career expectations to make make the viewer more interested.

Only list your experiences that is relevant to the job at hand. 

Why is a CV important?

CV's are important because they are a small version of yourself on a piece of paper,

saving the hassle of asking all the questions to the candidate.  

You can't get a professional job without a CV because it shows a lack of enthusiasm

to the job.

What should a CV look like?

A good CV has a list of your job history or work experience.

It needs to be formal and personal at the same time. Having the equal balance of both to attract the right employer. Last but not least your CV needs to have two reference to let the interviewer know you are an amazing person.

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