Project SEARCH

What is Project SEARCH?

Project SEARCH is a one year course for students in their final year of education, enabling them to spend a year on site with an employer. This provides them with the skills, experience, knowledge and confidence to find paid employment at the end of the year. It is a programme that has been developed in Cincinnati, USA and is now successfully replicated in many states. Fosse Way School was the first school in the UK to offer the course

For more information about Project SEARCH please see our leaflet below or download it here.

Project SEARCH around the world

Here is a link to locations of Project SEARCH all around the world.

The Project SEARCH Results


  • 8 Students have graduated

  • 7 have moved into paid employment

  • 1 has moved to another Further Education provider


  • 9 students have graduated

  • 4 have moved into paid employment

  • 3 have moved to another Further Education provider

  • 1 has moved to Residential Further Education

  • 1 has joined an Apprentice Programme

Where are some of the students working now?

  • In the Facilities Department as an Enviromental Groundsman at the Royal United Hospital (RUH)

  • At a university

  • As a Patient Support Assistant at the RUH

  • In the Medical Records Department in the RUH

  • In the Pharmacy Department at the RUH

  • At a private company

"Project SEARCH has really build up my daughters confidance. it is an exellant scheme and it focuses on the things we want for our children- for them to learn, to experiance the world of work, and to develop the skill they need to get a job and to find their place in life"

Mother of a Project SEARCH pupil

"Project SEARCH has been a

life-changing experience for me.

I have achieved a lot and for anyone considering the project I would recommend it.

Project SEARCH graduate now in paid

Employment at the RUH

Fosse Way School

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